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I've updated Who Sees Ads (you know, the Ultimate Ad Management Plugin:) to fix a javascript error under WordPress 2.3 which would prevent the menu from working.

Latest is now Who Sees Ads 1.2.1. Get your copy !

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    q256 Spain »
    commented, on 27/Sep/07 at 5:58 pm # :


    I've updated the plugin, but it still doesn't work for me in WordPress 2.3. When I try to access the option page, WordPress displays a message telling me if I really want to modify the preferences for that plugin. I clicked "yes", but nothing happened, and WordPress returned to the main options page.

  2. 2
    Ozh France »
    said, on 27/Sep/07 at 8:24 pm # :

    q256 » I unfortunately can't help with such a specific issue you seem to be the only one to experience.

  3. 3
    q256 Spain »
    replied, on 27/Sep/07 at 9:37 pm # :

    Hi again!

    I've located the problem. There was another plugin who was causing the issue. Concretely, the error was due to the plugin "WP-ContactForm 1.5-alpha". I've deativated it and now Who Sees Ads works ok :D

  4. 4
    Karthik India »
    said, on 07/Oct/07 at 12:22 pm # :

    Unfortunately, its not an isolated problem! I'm facing the same thing too – I'd assumed it was due to a conflict with WP 2.3 as it seemed to work with WP 2.2.3.

    But yes, I do have the contact form plugin, the same one that q256 uses. It is rather a very popular plugin if I may say so and a conflict with that plugin is rather sad :(

    Strangely enough, I have the older version of the plugin (previous to 1.2.1) and I haven't experienced the JS error that you mention – but I haven't tried out all the options I guess – the plugin itself works with the current settings though. Would you be kind enough to tell me which JS error I need to look out for?

    Also, I did notice earlier too that a regular reader was not detected properly (all readers were treated as new) but I had assumed that it was perhaps a misunderstanding on my part and refrained from using the regular visitor feature, I'm guessing that was because of the conflict with the contact form plugin.

    Although it would be great if you could sort out the compatibility issue with the contact form plugin, I understand if you don't. I know it takes a lot of time and effort to develop a plugin and I perfectly respect that.

    Again, great plugin! :)

  5. 5
    Ozh France »
    said, on 07/Oct/07 at 6:16 pm # :

    Karthik & q256 » I'm not promising anything but I'll have a look at this contact form plugin

  6. 6
    Karthik India »
    thought, on 10/Oct/07 at 3:56 pm # :

    Great – thanks! :)

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