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This is a demo page for Wordpress Plugin Who Sees Ads. Nothing works here.

Edit Context

Name of the Context Name:
Posts: <!--wsa:context_name--> 
PHP: <?php wp_ozh_wsa("context_name");?>
Possible Rules
  • × if Visitor comes from a search engine then
  • × if Visitor is a regular reader then
  • × if Post is older than days then
  • × if Visitor is logged in then
  • × if Date is between & then
  • × if Ad displayed <= times then
  • × if Ad viewed by visitor <= times then
  • × if Previous conditions fail, try context
  • × if Any condition then
  • × if () {}
  • × if (!()) {}
Active Rules
    Ad Code
    Optional Comment

    Duplicate / Rename Context

    Select Context

    Delete Context

    Select Context(s)

    Global Options

    Old post An "old post" is a post or page which has been posted more than days ago (you can fine tune this on a per context basis)

    Regular Reader A "regular reader" is someone who has viewed at least pages over the last days

    Click Safety The Admin Clicks Safety option is
    Date format Your preferred Date format is