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On: 2007 / 06 / 14
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I'm currently scheduling my upcoming holidays (in 3 weeks !) and I'm in the middle of the once tedious process of finding the best flight. You know, something with a decent balance between a fair price and a minimal number of connexions and stops in airports you've never heard about before.

And I've recently found about the best damn site of the whole intarwebs for this : It's been online for a while, and I discovered it as they launched their French version. This site is truely the Google of flight searches. Pages are clean and simple, load fast, the whole interface is intensively ajaxified, you can refine your searches on a number of details and see changes in search results in real time. You basically never get a page refresh beyond the first searching round. They're even giving a try to the user generated social side, but this part really sucks as of writing :Þ

In short, is totally awesome and I can't believe something like this has never been mentioned on TechCrunch. I just cannot imagine using another tool to search for a flight now. The site is available in several languages (de, en, fr) and I urgently urge anyone who has ever bought a flight ticket online to check it.

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  1. markus941 says:

    If you like Kayak you should check out – it's in private beta right now. It basically lets you search a bunch sites including Kayak from a single page.

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