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On: 2005 / 06 / 17
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There is a new WordPress version in the work, currently in early alpha stage, and thus named 1.6-ALPHA-do-not-use. Like in "hey kids, do not use it".

By the way, if you're curious about what's coming next, co-developper Ryan Boren posted a few details about the future WordPress 1.6, and Owen shows what the new Admin area looks like, as well with a few interesting suggestions about potential use of upcoming features. I've been playing a bit with this alpha on a test install, I cannot say I exactly love or find useful the new design of the admin interface, but at least it's fun :)

So, there is a new alpha around, stamped "Do Not Use", and lead developper Photomatt wanted to keep rather discreet on the topic, to avoid the alpha being too widely used and people asking for support with untested or broken features. The "funny" thing is that, not only big names told about this alpha on their blogs, but according to Google there are about 15.000 sites mentionning it, and already more than a few big blogs are actually using it.

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