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On: 2005 / 04 / 26
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My connection at work being an awfully capped 56kb line or something like this, I've recently decided to finally use a Feed Reader, so I can read something without having to wait for a 12 kb gif image to download. By the way, my choice by now goes to Feed Reader, didn't try a lot of softwares but this one had what I wanted, and didn't have what I did not need.

So, the first feed I subscribed to was … my own, and I realized that it… sucks. My bilingual posts are a total mess since, obviously, both languages appear. Well. It will be quite easy to code a little plugin segregating languages into 4 different feeds (english only, français only, french and english if not available, and english with french if not available) to give readers more choice. It's just a matter of spare time I'll have in the next days, or a matter of how many readers ask for decent feeds. But do I have any feed reader ? :-Þ

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  1. dju` says:

    I do, and I'd enjoy reading nice feeds =)

  2. hemostick says:

    Same here. They're a little messy right now indeed !

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