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On: 2004 / 09 / 18
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yummy !
Woohoo, tonight was my first massive spam attack, with 75 blablas within a few minutes telling about things to make yours bigger & longer, you know the deal.

I'm not sure why I've been targetted by spammers. Maybe my blog is getting higher on page ranks, must mean I'm famous heh ? :) I don't understand either why my main site, French Frag Factory, which is mucho much more popular than this blog, has never been spammed. Maybe it's because it's run by a home made Perl engine, but even, a <form> is a <form>, no matter what language powers it.

The thing I know is I won't go at war against spammers, this is a waste of time. They have more keywords and more IP's than any blacklist you could set up. For the moment, I'll stick with only increasing the flood protection delay, from 10 seconds by default to 300 seconds now. I think no one needs posting twice in less than 5 minutes. For your information, this can be changed in wp-comments-post.php, around line 70 (WP version 1.2, look for "flood protection", the code is pretty obvious)

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  1. RaiL-FleX says:

    Rusé le coup des wet tshirts :)

    Mais que veux-tu, c'est çà la célébrité ! :)

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