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On: 2004 / 08 / 03
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Finally, I've made up my mind concerning a photo gallery to install here…

I've tried, either on a demo site or installing myself, about a dozen script ranging from 15 Kb to 5 Mb, and my final three were :

  • Pictorialis : written from the WordPress engine, blogware I'm using here, I thought it would be easy to integrate into my site. Unfortunately, for some reason that I cannot explain it wouldn't run here :) (let's not blame it, to say the least the Apache config here is really special)
  • Gallery : *the* big script, I'm using it on several sites and galleries. I dig its countless features such as thumbnail creation and modification within a java applet, but I pretty much hate its html code mayhem : numerous template files, html code often "hard coded" in php files, intricated tables everywhere. Awesome for an "out of the box" use, pain in the *** to fully customize its layout.
  • Coppermine Photo Gallery : less features, and by default a "forum" like layout a la phpBB that I didn't like, but after testing quite convincing and very easy to customize. One template file, one .css file, and you control almost everything in the layout.

So I've chosen Coppermine, which I'm getting visually integrated into my site. Pictures real soon now :)

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    Ca fait du bien hein ? :)

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