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@Alinea_fr 3 essais pour commander un truc sur votre site, à chaque fois la dernière étape vide mon panier. Vous perdez du fric, les mecs…

8:23pm Nov 26 2014 —

Alors, kikivient au WP Tech? Venez $me tapoter() l’épaule pour dire() “coucou”;

2:54pm Nov 26 2014 —

@apelad Best. Tshirt. Ever! on woot, congrats & thanks, ordered 2 and I’ve already used that wise motto twice as replies to my wife :)

12:02am Nov 22 2014 —

@woot oh, well, blindly ordered anyway. Today’s shirt is just too awesome to pass.

in reply to woot — 11:57pm Nov 21 2014 —

@woot yep, was talking about shirts

in reply to woot — 11:47pm Nov 21 2014 —

@woot not cool that you don’t see shipping fees (to Europe, in my case) *before* entering credit card details.

11:44pm Nov 21 2014 —

Best multiplayer game ever of the week:

11:09pm Nov 21 2014 —

8:53pm Nov 21 2014 —

I want to thank once more BlueHost for being a valuable technical partner for YOURLS. Thanks to them we can test more things on more setups.

6:59am Nov 21 2014 —

Amongst other (more important) things, WordPress 4.0.1 fixes a bug potentially affecting users who haven’t logged in since 2008. Heh :))

8:37pm Nov 20 2014 —

Dev of ShortTail, an iOS app for YOURLS, is looking for translaters. Wanna help?…

8:24pm Nov 20 2014 —

8:46pm Nov 19 2014 —

@rmccue or to a Github pull request

in reply to rmccue — 6:08pm Nov 18 2014 —

@Christophe_Co c’est la plus belle du lot celle-ci

in reply to Christophe_Co — 10:15pm Nov 14 2014 —

@palad1 fink iou :)

in reply to palad1 — 6:28pm Nov 14 2014 —

@agsmeels it’s OK mate, it got enough votes to be on the /r/Metal front page so that’s fine :) thanks anyway!

in reply to agsmeels — 10:17pm Nov 13 2014 —

You’re on Reddit? Cool, could you upvote me there please? :) (a cool Youtube API experiment)

8:28pm Nov 13 2014 —

@agsmeels Could you upvote this please? Trying to get a few likes at least in /r/Metal :)…

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RT @DrScienceCat: Evolution continues as pregnant women are now able to provide free Wi-Fi.

6:00pm Nov 13 2014 —

@HaakonHawk check the sample plugin bundled with YOURLS, it modifies the HTML title

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