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@aldolat thanks :) BTW you left an unedited “Ozh”, behind your profile pic. Resize your browser down to see it appear

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@sarahpressler wait, an award that goes to the one who will tweet about it?! genius

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@aldolat nice :)

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RT @aldolat: Just finished my “Tweet Archive” WordPress theme customization /cc @ozh

8:20pm Apr 24 2014 —

@s0ixante t’inquiète, ils ne les ont pas oubliées, ils les ont juste associées à un autre login

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@markjaquith LGBTQNSMW – Not Sure Meh Whatever

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@stephdau @josephscott heh, or display a derp ascii face, “gti” style:

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@josephscott yep, that helps. I have ‘pioc’ aliased to ‘pico’, saves me lots of time :)

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@josephscott also, alias lsd=’ls -l | grep ^d’ to list directory with a chuckle

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RT @HackerNewsOnion: If at first you don’t succeed, try catch again.

3:03pm Apr 23 2014 —

Simple bash alias that I try to check before each commit: alias vardump=’grep -r “var_dump(” *’. Better than “oops, committed debug code” :Þ

1:48pm Apr 23 2014 — — awesome photoshop jobs

10:04am Apr 23 2014 —

@EHER it just prints out what my tweet archiver plugin fetches

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This is very impressive. Selecting & manipulating text within an image, from within the browser.

10:24pm Apr 22 2014 —

App review nails it

9:14pm Apr 21 2014 —

@Beun then just don’t display the title in your theme? I’m not sure I get the problem, honestly :)

in reply to Beun — 8:55pm Apr 21 2014 —

@Beun you can easily tweak that with a filter if that bothers you (not sure what the title should be, if different, anyway)

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@unserkaiser it’s very made for my own use and to be used with my tweet archiver plugin

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@pollyplummer sure — all needed links in the footer!

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I’ve updated my Tweet Archive Theme for WP to get along with my Tweet Archiver plugin, whatyathink?

7:27pm Apr 21 2014 —