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@ozh actually I found the answer — thanks SVN blame — but I’m not sure I get it..

in reply to ozh — 1:00pm Dec 25 2013 —

Any WordPress / PHP genius can explain me that line please… “$value = clone $value” : but… why?

12:45pm Dec 25 2013 —

@tomslominski it’s not in `master`. I’m working on a separate branch, it’ll be merged later.

in reply to tomslominski — 11:53am Dec 25 2013 —

@tomslominski code in `master` should always be usable (it’s always synced on &

in reply to tomslominski — 11:50am Dec 25 2013 —

Best way to keep me from reading an article: use the words “incredibly useful” somewhere in the intro.

6:34pm Dec 24 2013 —

On top of being funny, it’s probably a perfect deterrent for people how don’t RTFM (ie read the README or the CONTRIBUTING) #previoustweet

11:14am Dec 24 2013 —

I dig github-gmail’s issue policy: “Open an issue with some emojis. Issues without emojis are not valid.”…

11:12am Dec 24 2013 —

My US dialect map: I guess this shows this is not my mother tongue :)

9:42am Dec 24 2013 —

It needs to be colder, way colder. I have awesome wool gear to wear. Drop the °C and let it snow! m/

9:19pm Dec 20 2013 —

RT @cfurmaniak: @ozh not exactly in the same field, but Hurling is also a kind of badass sport

4:19pm Dec 20 2013 —

@cfurmaniak ahah punaise ça a l’air pas mal furieux aussi :)

in reply to cfurmaniak — 4:18pm Dec 20 2013 —

I xmas like a boss: all my presents are ready, wrapped, labelled and listed. Because, organization, bitches.

4:15pm Dec 20 2013 —

Sepak takraw, or “kick volleyball” : most badass sport ever, seriously.…

1:15pm Dec 20 2013 —

All the ebooks on PacktPub are $5 (or less) during holidays

6:47pm Dec 19 2013 —

@linxos merci du conseil, effectivement cela fait partie des solutions que j’ai suggéré à ma femme d’essayer :)

in reply to linxos — 6:11pm Dec 18 2013 —

@justintadlock giant WordPress flag. Need.

in reply to justintadlock — 4:07pm Dec 18 2013 —

@th0r will have a look, thanks for the hint

in reply to th0r — 10:29pm Dec 17 2013 —

(I’m checking but it seems to be US or Canada only…)

8:35pm Dec 17 2013 —

The wife wants money/expense tracking stuff. Anyone has a neat something-like-MS-Money-or-Quicken-but-100%-online-and-free to recommend?

8:31pm Dec 17 2013 —

Check out 300+ Free Responsive web Templates and Mobile web templates at @w3layouts *ad

3:50pm Dec 17 2013 —