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@Rarst true, but sadly it’s not so you have to learn a new syntax and use tools that interrupts workflow, and also it makes collab harder

in reply to Rarst — 7:40pm Jun 13 2013 —

Trying to get the hang of LESS. I think I’m going to hate it.

7:36pm Jun 13 2013 —

@paul_wp twitter’s API change 2 days ago broke the plugin

in reply to paul_wp — 4:53pm Jun 13 2013 —

Twitter now makes it mandatory to OAuth to read a user’s timeline, which is otherwise publicly disclosed on the web. Makes sense. #idiots

6:01am Jun 13 2013 —

RT @jasonlong: Pimped out my keyboard with a custom Octocat ESC key.

11:08pm Jun 12 2013 —

@echofon since you’ve abandonned Echofon for Firefox, can we consider we can simply fork it and continue develop it?

10:50pm Jun 12 2013 —

@evanw Awesome, thanks, works nicely :)

in reply to evanw — 10:45pm Jun 12 2013 —

@StephenCronin Did you try MetroTweet? I’ve seen some good reviews, I’ll give it a spin when I have some time

in reply to StephenCronin — 10:40pm Jun 12 2013 —

@StephenCronin which one did you finally use?

in reply to StephenCronin — 10:20pm Jun 12 2013 —

You’re such an “early phase deuterostome”, really.

9:59pm Jun 12 2013 —

This is a sad day. As of today Twitter has retired their API 1.0, meaning that Echofon for Firefox won’t work any longer :( Need new client.

12:19pm Jun 12 2013 —

@s0ixante tu m’étonnes. Le mec qui l’avait trouvé, tout jouasse au début, s’est dit finalement “mais WTF ce clavier???” et du coup l’a rendu

in reply to s0ixante — 12:15pm Jun 12 2013 —

Seems that PHP docs on… are completely broken (HTML mangled, CHM file missing stuff). Anyone has recentish version?

5:46pm Jun 11 2013 —

@tw2113 youtube is as sad, just less educated :)

in reply to tw2113 — 6:05am Jun 11 2013 —

@Krogsgard “grumpy people” might be the most accurate desc of HN “community”. I hate reading comments there, saddest bunch of unfunny people

in reply to Krogsgard — 6:02am Jun 11 2013 —

@ArtemR prepare to sell a kidney and a couple lungs.

in reply to ArtemR — 7:46pm Jun 10 2013 —

@revaxarts right where you’ll find YOURLS.

in reply to revaxarts — 7:30pm Jun 10 2013 —

Giving a try to newsletter plugin Wysija. Veeeery well done. Does more than what I need, but what a UX.

7:12pm Jun 10 2013 —

@toscho that one lacks feature for my needs :) I need to easily manage a list of subs (not create users for each one)

in reply to toscho — 7:02pm Jun 10 2013 —

@revaxarts hmm… because there’s a new version that’s better with more wow and omg ? :)

in reply to revaxarts — 6:53pm Jun 10 2013 —