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I’ll be using it in all my projects now. RT @ArtemR: Ha! Forget jQuery if you need a Javascript framework. Vanilla JS:

3:45pm Aug 27 2012 —

@Kitkuma Install a nightly build. See then if still doesnt work look all closed issues

in reply to Kitkuma — 9:02am Aug 25 2012 —

@RobertCAckert it reflects the current state of the software. Use a nightly. See

in reply to RobertCAckert — 9:02am Aug 25 2012 —

@DeFries It’s here :-)

in reply to DeFries — 5:00pm Aug 24 2012 —

Hey just found out Microsoft has a new logo.…

2:58pm Aug 24 2012 —

@Christophe_Co je jette la pierre.

in reply to Christophe_Co — 2:43pm Aug 24 2012 —

Naked japanese girl, panty, and flying cats. NSFW but you can’t resist that.

9:01pm Aug 23 2012 —

@markjaquith @nacin Wondering: do you get any added value from the GitHub mirror of WP?

1:41pm Aug 23 2012 —

Woah, a reCAPTCHA that I didn’t have to refresh 15 times before being able to actually understand the fucking letters! Must be my lucky day.

6:27am Aug 23 2012 —

@tnorthcutt but why exactly? As I wrote in that blog post, I don’t get what’s seemingly so easy on GH and cumbersome on Google

in reply to tnorthcutt — 9:36pm Aug 22 2012 —

@tnorthcutt it all depends on the value of “x” then :)

in reply to tnorthcutt — 9:30pm Aug 22 2012 —

@TheLoneCuber I’m not looking for “yay please move” comments, I’m looking for reasons to do so

in reply to TheLoneCuber — 9:26pm Aug 22 2012 —

In case you missed it earlier: On YOURLS Blog: Should YOURLS be on GitHub instead?

9:23pm Aug 22 2012 —

Long exposure photography And when I say long, I mean, very, very, very, very long. And even longer. Like, 3 years.

9:19pm Aug 22 2012 —

@nolageek Dunno, I don’t bump version number every day. Latest is here:

in reply to nolageek — 9:10pm Aug 22 2012 —

@williamsba AFAIK it’s never been mandatory. All my plugin requests have been filed with “TBA” in that field.

in reply to williamsba — 5:40pm Aug 22 2012 —

@nolageek I use it on all my sites. Unless explicitly labelled as “1.x.x-dont-use” or something scary like this, go for it.

in reply to nolageek — 5:33pm Aug 22 2012 —

@rmccue (assuming you’ve seen already Amélie Poulain) have a look at “3-Iron” (KR) (I’m not into asian movies at all)

in reply to rmccue — 3:11pm Aug 22 2012 —

@StephenCronin @PauldeWouters just tweeting random crap to pile up on @nacin & @rmccue discussion :)

in reply to StephenCronin — 2:01pm Aug 22 2012 —

Not surprised! RT @UberFacts WordPress users live on average 7 years and have a happier sex life.

1:26pm Aug 22 2012 —