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@EricMann most live distros (ie running off a DVD) have an easy installation option in a partition

5:17pm 10 Oct 2011

@EricMann or a distro on a partition? There are easy stuff to install

5:13pm 10 Oct 2011

@nacin another case of poorly_named_func() ? :)

5:12pm 10 Oct 2011

@20MinutesNantes un poil déçu de ne voir aucun entrefilet sur la victoire des Corsaires de Nantes (hockey D2) contre Clermont-Ferrand samedi

1:33pm 10 Oct 2011

@ScottDudley dunno. First time I hear about this. Conflicting plugin with crappy CSS I’d say.

9:09am 10 Oct 2011

@Otto42 OMG. Now that’s some factoids. Dates & ages? I *have* to relate to that

5:51pm 9 Oct 2011

That was a nice lunch. Chasse Spleen blanc 2009, Hermitage 2001, Bandol 2007, Pic Saint Loup 2006. Joy and peace, I haz them.

5:19pm 9 Oct 2011

@ScottDudley Dont know what you’re talking about. Screenshot + detailed comment on the plugin page maybe.

5:10pm 9 Oct 2011

Donkey Kong Tie tshirt bit.ly/pdU8dw Geek, gamer and formal all in one. Me digs.

8:34pm 7 Oct 2011

@williamsba @justintadlock #plugindevbook 2.0 Return of the Plugin Back With A Professional Vengeance ?

8:00pm 6 Oct 2011

@technosailor I doubt anyone likes them :)

7:48pm 6 Oct 2011

@andrea_r tax agreements between FR & US they say. Must have a US tax payer ID. Which the IRS refused to give me. #hmmmmkey

7:47pm 6 Oct 2011

@technosailor in FWANCE! There are apparently stupid tax agreements between US & FR and IRS have majorly fu… annoyed me.

7:45pm 6 Oct 2011

@williamsba seeeeriously. Last time I’m working for someone who can’t use Paypal. And I’ve been paid royalties minus 30% because of IRS…

7:43pm 6 Oct 2011

Soooooooo. I’ve finally been paid today for my work on the plugin dev book. You know what? SCREW YOU, IRS. And die in a fire, assholes.

7:38pm 6 Oct 2011

@JohnPBloch those guys are schooling even 4Chan when it comes to trolling

7:29pm 6 Oct 2011

@jacobdubail heh thanks :) Actually I did this for myself originally, I’m glad others find it fun :)

7:30pm 5 Oct 2011

I’m selling practically 1 Big Lebowski sticker on Redbubble per day bit.ly/biglebsticker Not retiring soon, but fun anyway :)

7:07pm 5 Oct 2011

Is there any way in Google+ to turn off the “I don’t care” circle notifications? i.imgur.com/f0fNX.jpg

4:54pm 5 Oct 2011

@yoast i.imgur.com/BXfVj.png (there’s some Dutch dude squatting top results, apparently)

8:51am 5 Oct 2011