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@ronalfy Feliz birthday a you!

in reply to ronalfy — 7:58am Jun 26 2010 —

YOURLS 1.5 in trunk is RC. With plugins!! If you know SVN, time to play! Changelog

9:25pm Jun 25 2010 —

@OzhAngel who’s this @Ozh you keep tweeting about? I think you got it wrong. #ozh and #open != @ozh and @open

in reply to OzhAngel — 6:41pm Jun 25 2010 —

@StephenCronin oops yeah I completely screwed something up :)

in reply to StephenCronin — 9:04am Jun 25 2010 —

@looztra ROFL :) Cool initiative :)

in reply to looztra — 9:03am Jun 25 2010 —

This is epicly hilarious (as everything this guy posts, btw)

10:03pm Jun 24 2010 —

As of today the number of my tweets surpasses my follower count. That has to be a performance metric in a way or the other, right? :)

8:37pm Jun 24 2010 —

How could be better? Have your say

7:32pm Jun 24 2010 —

@williamsba @ronalfy congratulations!

in reply to williamsba — 4:58pm Jun 24 2010 —

@markjaquith crazy how he looks like you :) (esp on the other picture)

in reply to markjaquith — 4:57pm Jun 24 2010 —

Currently reading Genesis (WordPress Theme Framework) source code. Limpid, structured, documented. Very very neat work!

2:04pm Jun 24 2010 —

Got msg about @planetwp’s feed being down. Will fix. Can’t help having the feeling that RSS’ mandatory validation is a thing from the past.

12:43pm Jun 24 2010 —

Excellent stuff RT @andrea_r: What is the mu-plugins folder?

10:05pm Jun 23 2010 —

@mihaisecasiu ah, yeah, in that sense, that’s true. See

in reply to mihaisecasiu — 10:04pm Jun 23 2010 —

@mihaisecasiu no, both are client side

in reply to mihaisecasiu — 8:16pm Jun 23 2010 —

@johnturner nice explanation, thanks for the link

in reply to johnturner — 3:21pm Jun 23 2010 —

Not sure I get the difference between HTML5’s localStorage and regular cookies…

12:45pm Jun 23 2010 —

Found a way to broadcast music through Airport without using iTunes. Every time I can skip this pathetic bloated stuff, I’m in joy.

4:31pm Jun 22 2010 —

@kulpreetsingh yeh, I’d be curious to see how they will handle this now

in reply to kulpreetsingh — 8:47am Jun 22 2010 —

Dreamhost users massively upgrading: RT @dhstatus: Slow WordPress upgrades/installs

6:25am Jun 22 2010 —