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Wife said OK for a pinball in the living room (just not the Super Mario). Another great victory o/

11:16pm Nov 23 2009 —

So many “retweet this to enter my contest to win that” tweets. Dudes, you’re just polluting the twitternet.

10:01pm Nov 23 2009 —

@sareiodata Not fan about this one. My top four is Robowar, Fun House, Arena and Super Mario :)

in reply to sareiodata — 8:51pm Nov 23 2009 —

Just had an argument with my wife. Topic: will we have a pinball in our living room. I’m voting yes :)

8:38pm Nov 23 2009 —

@sivel Same with my inbox :P I can’t imagine not reading and deleting/answering/doing stuff with my mail on a regular basis :)

in reply to sivel — 6:38pm Nov 23 2009 —

@davemreed the official planet uses probably but my uses FeedWP, yes

in reply to davemreed — 6:07pm Nov 23 2009 —

Finally got a Google Wave account. Now, *WTF* is this for, really? Anyone has got their life changed with this?

8:56am Nov 23 2009 —

in reply to davemreed — 7:06am Nov 23 2009 —

Interesting stats and graphs about WordPress source code:…

10:13pm Nov 22 2009 —

@StClaraDesign FYI the link on your Twitter profile is a 404 :P

2:53pm Nov 22 2009 —

@BinaryMoon Now it’s time to make the archive for the ‘Art Direction’ category… art directed, obviously :)

in reply to BinaryMoon — 12:33pm Nov 22 2009 —

I’m shocked by the number of commercial sites that *require* the www. part in their URL, otherwise you get a DNS error.

10:33am Nov 22 2009 —

@Viper007Bond I miss last design of your blog. Whenever I see it now, I always wonder first “wait, where am I?” :)

in reply to Viper007Bond — 10:07am Nov 22 2009 —

@CalvinF Still have to read it! But it has binary pagination :)

in reply to CalvinF — 10:21pm Nov 20 2009 —

Just received my copy of XKCD Volume 0. Sooo cool :)

9:46pm Nov 20 2009 —

@perfectlyshaped glad to inspire :) have fun!

in reply to pswplus — 8:28pm Nov 20 2009 —

Funny JS (mootools) stuff :) RT @lucianop Friday Fun: Scroll Clock

7:19pm Nov 20 2009 —

Thing I learnt today: non-binary strings are case insensitive in MySQL. Pulled some hair before I realized this…

2:37pm Nov 19 2009 —

One thing that sucks with you can’t jump forward in the video if that part is not already downloaded. Fail.

12:47pm Nov 18 2009 —

Been playing Quakelive all night. I’m back in CTF baby :)

11:18pm Nov 17 2009 —