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@domainr FYI works but returns 500 (cute pony btw)

9:46pm Oct 19 2009 —

Follow @domainr (which I promote on <a href="” title=”” class=”link link_untco”> btw, really like their web service) for witty & fun domain hacks :)

9:45pm Oct 19 2009 —

Just finished Chuck season 1. Plot is too soft, pace is too slow, but, man, the actress :Þ

8:52pm Oct 19 2009 —

@fquadrat That means the page needed 3 MySQL queries (the less queries, the better, performance wise). Consider it useless info :)

in reply to ftwo — 8:10pm Oct 19 2009 —

@artofmemetics much appreciated, thanks :)

in reply to wesunruh — 5:33pm Oct 19 2009 —

I’m constantly amazed how @delicious/popular fails at filtering blatantly obvious spam.

4:58pm Oct 19 2009 —

@cyberfux by the way you’re still running an old version of YOURLS on

2:35pm Oct 19 2009 —

@fhusson @wpseek @ronalfy thanks for suggesting Team Viewer, will try this too :)

in reply to fhusson — 12:29pm Oct 19 2009 —

@kristarella you’re welcome aboard, make yourself comfortable :)

in reply to kristarella — 6:05am Oct 19 2009 —

Thanks all for replies about VNC in Mac, didn’t know that (don’t know anything about Macs)

9:07pm Oct 18 2009 —

So, Mom bought herself an iMac, I’m on a PC: any software I could use for remote control to help her when needed?

8:00pm Oct 18 2009 —

Ah, lol, my Facebook account has been compromised and stolen :)

6:24pm Oct 18 2009 —

@aestable Marathon?

in reply to aestable — 2:37pm Oct 18 2009 —

Automattic looking for a “Theme Czar”. I can think of a few WordPress hacker who would fit the description.

5:11pm Oct 17 2009 —

@jacobcanada thanks for giving me the opportunity to test the “Report as spam” feature on your account.

in reply to jacobcanada — 12:04pm Oct 17 2009 —

@fhusson yeah I’ll probably do this, but then my mom will have to remember a login *and* a domain name, sounds impossible for her :)

in reply to fhusson — 11:04am Oct 17 2009 —

FFS. Trying to register a new gmail address for my mom: all the login names I can think of are taken, and I just can’t decipher the captcha

10:27am Oct 17 2009 —

@Viper007Bond could you send me your DB as it was for 1.3? I still don’t get why it works for some and not for others

in reply to Viper007Bond — 11:00pm Oct 16 2009 —

@mrtech yeah just made the YOURLS RSS public, no more pwd to enter :) Just in case, get latest rss.php and overwrite? Might fix something

in reply to mrtech — 9:49pm Oct 16 2009 —

@mrtech works fine with all my YOURLS installs, see for instance. Please file an issue if you can pinpoint sth

in reply to mrtech — 9:44pm Oct 16 2009 —