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@gamerz Not sure how it will play with the WP plugin at this point, I still haven’t checked this part

in reply to gamerz — 5:13pm Sep 17 2009 —

YOURLS 1.4 now in beta! I need a couple of brave testers able to backup, upgrade and if needed give feedback :) Mail me at

4:52pm Sep 17 2009 —

Now that’s showing commenters you care:

1:15pm Sep 17 2009 —

@elpie Expect a beta soon ;)

in reply to elpie — 11:03am Sep 17 2009 —

On planetOzh: The Definitive Guide To Using WordPress as a CMS

6:26am Sep 17 2009 —

@mirthlab There will be an upgrade script from 1.3-RC1 (which has the same DB layout than 1.2 I think)

in reply to mirthlab — 9:27pm Sep 16 2009 —

YOURLS 1.4 is near, my friends. Click <a href="” title=”” class=”link link_untco”> and then go to to see gorgeous stats!

9:13pm Sep 16 2009 —

@mrtech Nothing similar planned at the moment. Could you file an issue on so I don’t forget to consider this?

in reply to mrtech — 7:30pm Sep 16 2009 —

@mirthlab Didn’t know this AddToAny plugin but it sucks IMO… Adding “via @addtoany” to all tweets is utter lame.

in reply to mirthlab — 8:54am Sep 16 2009 —

I’m #2 result on google for “worpdress”. Ooops heh fixed :P Thanks @LorelleonWP for the heads up :)

8:03am Sep 16 2009 —

@gamerz I’m still improving the individual stat page. It’s going to rock :)

in reply to gamerz — 7:55am Sep 16 2009 —

From the that-must-mean-bullshit department: according to Technorati my blog is in the Top 100?!…

8:41pm Sep 15 2009 —

@jeffr0 I won’t :)

in reply to jeffr0 — 8:39pm Sep 15 2009 —

On planetOzh: Bye Bye Trackbacks

8:13pm Sep 15 2009 —

I think I’m going to disable pingbacks on my blog. Pointless. Can’t read 95% of the sites linking to me, and [..]anchor links[..] are ugly

6:58pm Sep 15 2009 —

@BoltClock this is totally off topic though. He whines about security and his only grief is “I don’t need revisions”. Pathetic.

in reply to BoltClock — 5:48pm Sep 15 2009 —

@BoltClock true, a bit hard to read :)

in reply to BoltClock — 5:41pm Sep 15 2009 —

A perfect definition of being a dumbass: blaming developers when users don’t take security seriously.

5:32pm Sep 15 2009 —

@wptavern Sounds like a decent plan, at least. Feel like opening a ticket on Trac? :)

in reply to wptavern — 6:43pm Sep 14 2009 —

@wptavern that’s be fun :) Of course in case all Mullenwegs are taken, you’d be given a Jaquith or a Westwood for the same price.

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