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I think the Chitika ad with the huge distorted face of Darren Rowse @problogger is one of the ugliest and most irrelevant I’ve ever seen.

8:39pm Sep 22 2009 —

I’m an SQL super noob. Really got to improve this a bit.

12:03pm Sep 22 2009 —

@Viper007Bond uses + too, and my twitter client gets it right too. Does seesmic have a Trac? :)

in reply to Viper007Bond — 11:28am Sep 22 2009 —

@nathanrice BBT is one of my all time favorite shows. Can’t stand House and Heroes though :)

in reply to nathanrice — 9:13pm Sep 21 2009 —

@BoltClock true :) Actually the front page on is the readme included in the zip. But I’ll definitely improve this :)

in reply to BoltClock — 5:09pm Sep 21 2009 —

@Viper007Bond noob ;-)

in reply to Viper007Bond — 9:19pm Sep 20 2009 — is the first blogspot site I see that doesn’t look like a blogspot site. Pretty good job @woork

1:55pm Sep 19 2009 —

@phoenicks can’t do anything for you, sorry. Revert what you last did before things went moo, disable plugins (simply rename their folder)

in reply to phoenicks — 12:57pm Sep 19 2009 —

Heh, @socialnate has a funny avatar pic :)

8:56am Sep 19 2009 —

@kahpeng Sure! Either grab the SVN or send me an email at I’ll send you the .zip

in reply to kahpeng — 5:35pm Sep 18 2009 —

Giving Yahoo Meme a try: If anyone wants an invite,email me:

5:14pm Sep 18 2009 —

@benjaminellison Since you’re starting from scratch,you should try the upcoming 1.4! Shoot me an email at

in reply to benjaminellison — 5:00pm Sep 18 2009 —

Yay! My Twitter Background Checker on is featured in Smashing Magazine @smashingmag

4:10pm Sep 18 2009 —

@benjaminellison What mod_rewrite black magic did you need for yourls? (nice short domain by the way:)

in reply to benjaminellison — 4:01pm Sep 18 2009 —

@delicious “Sorry there are no popular bookmarks at the moment.” It happens often these days. Change in the ‘popular’ algo, or less links?

3:54pm Sep 18 2009 —

@benjaminellison Stay tuned, upcoming version 1.4 is awesome ;)

in reply to benjaminellison — 6:10am Sep 18 2009 —

@Collin1000 Every code change is documented and you can make diffs for every file at every version

in reply to Collin1000 — 5:56am Sep 18 2009 — , … anyone? :)

9:09pm Sep 17 2009 —

YOURLS 1.4-beta now in the hands of a few beta testers. This is great :)

8:55pm Sep 17 2009 —

@ToddZebert Nobody knows for most service. Google for “link rot”, this has been a fair concern lately

in reply to ToddZebert — 5:14pm Sep 17 2009 —