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On planetOzh: Introducing YOURLS (Your Own URL Shortener) and its WordPress Plugin Companion

8:56pm Jun 25 2009 —

God I fucking *hate* all kinds of wiki/markdown markups. What. Is. The. Point.

8:35pm Jun 25 2009 —

@catswhocode didn’t know? Digg sucks. On the other hand, you currently have 74 bookmarks on it, which IMO counts much more.

in reply to catswhocode — 8:29pm Jun 25 2009 —

Fun videos on

7:26pm Jun 25 2009 —

@sudarmuthu’s WordPress Plugin Readme File Generator is pretty handy

7:05pm Jun 25 2009 —

@nathanrice $10 is too much for a “donation”. Based on those I receive, the average is below 5. Maybe rephrase to “cheap paid support”?

in reply to nathanrice — 7:34pm Jun 23 2009 —

RT @laughinglizard What is going on with WordPress Plugin Competition {wp hackers, JOIN the competition!!}

2:46pm Jun 23 2009 —

On planetOzh: Bands I’ve Seen This Weekend: Hellfest 2009, My Recap

9:41pm Jun 22 2009 —

What coding plugins for WP has earned me:…

2:01pm Jun 18 2009 —

Comment of the day on my blog: someone updated a WP plugin for 2.8 on a 2.7 install, verdict: “it worked like a fart in a church”

8:26am Jun 18 2009 —

Feeling like a child the night before Xmas: in 2 days I’ll see the uberawesome Suicidal Tendencies on stage! Pledge your allegiance!

7:19pm Jun 17 2009 —

@ArtemR care to email me your file, highlighting was what missing in my article?

in reply to ArtemR — 5:18pm Jun 17 2009 —

@andrea_r you know, another real life as usual :)

in reply to andrea_r — 5:15pm Jun 17 2009 —

@DeFries exactly. From now on, I’m enclosing all my conversations with @nathanrice between <’sup dude> and </later dude> tags :)

in reply to DeFries — 4:44pm Jun 17 2009 —

@nathanrice Regards? Truely yours? So long? cyakthxbye?

in reply to nathanrice — 4:36pm Jun 17 2009 —

Sunny morning, 5 km bike ride to work through the forest alongside a small river, iPod on my hears. Any better way to start a week day?

7:32am Jun 17 2009 —

@rboren you’re supposed to tweet about diapers only, remember? :-)

in reply to rboren — 8:15pm Jun 16 2009 —

@SuburbanDollar Don’t know yet, I still haven’t checked all my plugins with 2.8, will do this week

in reply to SuburbanDollar — 5:07pm Jun 15 2009 —

@sjdvda Yeah that’s pretty unlikely they’ll go to Mauritius, except maybe for holidays :)

in reply to sjdvda — 6:41pm Jun 14 2009 —

Back from AC/DC’s Black Ice Tour in Paris. Wicked!

6:30pm Jun 14 2009 —