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@nationwideclass no, *I* did make :)

in reply to nationwideclass — 9:05am May 26 2009 —

Just discovered that there’s a Taxidermy category over at… Where geek fun meets creepy

6:35am May 26 2009 —

RT @phpclasses a design theme contest will start next month on the 10th anniversary

9:35pm May 22 2009 — must have one of the biggest (Usefulness x Ugliness) scores ever. Seems like this site got stuck in 1995.

9:06pm May 22 2009 —

It’s been a good l18n day: received 3 translations (pt_BR, by_BY and ru_RU) for 2 of my plugins. Thanks @fatcowhosting and @renatotavares!

5:05pm May 22 2009 —

Updated #WordPress Plugin Competition rule: “plugin must be compatible with the latest official release available when the competition ends”

3:15pm May 21 2009 —

@ptahdunbar I’ll ask Mark that plugins for WordPress 2.8+ only are ok for the plugin competition

in reply to ptahdunbar — 2:22pm May 21 2009 —

@zoupic thanks for the pointer ffs m8, all fixed now :)

in reply to zoupic — 2:15pm May 20 2009 —

A while ago I blogged about a URL shortener @gamerz and I had been coding and people seemed to want it GPL’d. It’s coming

2:01pm May 20 2009 —

@sumesh WSA + caching plugin is impossible AFAIK. Its purpose is to decide if an ad has to be shown on *each* instance, hence not cache.

in reply to sumesh — 10:33am May 20 2009 —

There are lots of tools & how-to’s around to backup your Twitter data. Honestly, would you care if you lost all your tweets?

10:16am May 20 2009 —

French police soon to be allowed to upload spyware into any computer. How Big Brotherish does that sound?

1:50pm May 19 2009 —

@nathanrice definitely the same. Those “100 amazing themes/tips/tools” lists are not more valuable than a google search. It can list, too.

in reply to nathanrice — 9:03pm May 18 2009 —

@ArtemR replied on StackOverflow. get_the_stuff() is your friend

in reply to ArtemR — 7:20pm May 18 2009 —

Next time a blog sends me a newsletter just because I left a comment on their site, I can swear I’ll spam them hard. Hated that,

6:41pm May 18 2009 —

@Viper007Bond bleh, too bad. Would have been cool to see how they would have handled the 3rd Terminator to bring new elements into the story

in reply to Viper007Bond — 5:26am May 18 2009 —

Watching Burn Notice, season 2. This is one of my fav shows, it’s real funny

5:33pm May 17 2009 —

@westi a wp-OMGLICENSEGPL would be cool too

in reply to westi — 11:29am May 17 2009 —

@wptavern @morpheas7887 thanks peeps :)

in reply to wptavern — 9:34am May 17 2009 —

Back from the best restaurant in the vicinity, where we’ve had the best dinner since *ever*. It was an awesome 10th wedding anniversary :)

11:33pm May 16 2009 —