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@caseypicker to disable Atom feeds in a theme or a plugin: <?php remove_action(‘do_feed_atom’, ‘do_feed_atom’, 10, 1); ?> and you’re done :)

in reply to caseypicker — 7:08pm Apr 17 2009 —

On TC @photomatt says they’re going to acquire other companies. Anyone wants to take a guess on the next Automattic joint?

4:43pm Apr 17 2009 —

It’s #followfriday again! @Viper007Bond because I like the guy because he loves WordPress. And @wpdevel to keep current with trunk evolution

11:43am Apr 17 2009 —

I’ve just set up my 10th Twitter account. I’m not actively using all, but still. Quick poll: how many accounts do you have or use yourself ?

9:55pm Apr 16 2009 —

@nathanrice oh my, did you look at the source of this plugin? I think it deserves the “Best Way Not To Code” award of the year. What a mess!

in reply to nathanrice — 6:05pm Apr 16 2009 —

@montanaflynn check the Bio line of @hashwordpress and have a look at the Yahoo Pipe source I used for more details: Easy!

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on planetOzh: @Splitweet: You’re My Favorite Twitter Client

11:21pm Apr 15 2009 —

on planetOzh: Admin Drop Down Menu: Now Fully uneM nwoD porD nimdA

11:21pm Apr 15 2009 —

Now that’s serious Twitter tee-shirt: (via @erinmaher). I wonder if it would be as funny if worn by a guy instead?

9:56pm Apr 15 2009 —

WordPress 2.8 will finally have a blank index.php in /plugins and /themes to prevent dir listing. Better late than never:)

9:46pm Apr 15 2009 —

@nathanrice when IE6 is dead, we’ll swear *just* at IE7 because honestly this isn’t really much better! (from a js coder’s opinion at least)

in reply to nathanrice — 3:41pm Apr 15 2009 —

Fun stuff: copy this image and paste into Photoshop (via @darrenhoyt). Wondering how the app knows what the pic is about !

5:54pm Apr 14 2009 —

In case anyone is wondering: the font used in the Twitter logo is Pico, available in PostScript and TrueType formats here:

8:13pm Apr 13 2009 —

@andrea_r Yahoo Pipes is used to add the “RT @ozh” bit, which is not part of the Twitter search feed. Pipe source is here:

in reply to andrea_r — 10:00pm Apr 12 2009 —

Experiment: @hashwordpress will retweet tweets containing “#wordpress”. Made with Twitter Search, Yahoo Pipes and Twitterfeed, 3 neat tools.

8:00pm Apr 12 2009 —

@wptavern lol, are you monitoring every single registration to the forums? :) Been a reader since the beginning by the way, really good site

in reply to wptavern — 10:35am Apr 12 2009 —

@johnturner I used no framework or lib (except jQuery) for &, it’s all made from scratch

in reply to johnturner — 8:56pm Apr 10 2009 —

@johnturner wow great, thx for letting me know, will check! My ColorLovers plugin is probably my most advanced stuff, glad it’s been reused

in reply to johnturner — 8:24pm Apr 10 2009 —

My latest fun little site: for when you want to check your Twitter background under bigger/smaller resolutions. Go check it

8:03pm Apr 10 2009 —

@gamerz Cool FailWhale shirt. So cool I actually ordered the same a minute later :) Soon wearing & showing how hip I am :)

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