I recently discovered Rodrigo y Gabriela, a duo of Mexican guitarists playing fast rhythmic acoustic guitars. Think Flamenco on steroids meets furious Rock. I'm totally hooked and want to share :)

The first track a friend introduced to me was their cover of Led Zep's Stairway to Heaven, and I immediately thought "wow, gotta check out more from them"

Being a metal head myself, I looked for more covers and boy I got excited by tons of live performances: Metallica's Orion, One, a quick reference to Slayer's Rain in Blood at the beginning of a song, Symphony of Destruction, Whiskey In The Jar. Do not miss that live jam session with living monster Robert Trujillo, they just fit too nicely together to be skipped.

OK, these guys obviously like classic metal and know how to cheer a live crowd up with hits everyone love. Their studio compositions are just pure awesomeness too.

Hanuman gives me giant goosebumps. Diablo Rojo makes me want to jump all over the place. On Tamacun my head just shakes all by itself. I could just list all their songs.

Seriously, go and search the whole interwebs for more videos of them. They're insanely good. ZOMG when I grow up I want to be a guitarist like Rodrigo :)

Often when viewing a Twitter profile, the same comment pops into my mind: "Does this person follow me?". That's a basic information Twitter profiles still fail to clearly show.

There's a neat site you may know already, doesfollow.com, which lets you know if user1 follows user2 in a very simple way: check http://doesfollow.com/user1/user2 (example). Simple, but this lacks automation and geek fun. Let's make a cute bookmarklet out of this.
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Look at what the mailman finally brought me today:

OMG. I'm all excited. Writing stuff is great, submitting Word documents for proofreading is great, reviewing PDF chapters is great, downloading the whole ebook is great but, man, holding the hefty nifty paperback, feeling its weight, substance and existence… Wow :)

A few days ago, the fine folks from DigWP have published a .htaccess trick to enable logging in from yoursite.com/login instead of yoursite.com/wp-login.php.

Their trick is perfectly valid, yet improvable: it requires editing of the .htaccess, a file you don't want noobs to mess with. So my thoughts were: "OK, that's nice and everything, but a simple plugin would be cleaner, easier for beginners, and more portable". Let's do this?
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Every year, Christmas is a truly awesome event at my parents' with my sisters, wife and brothers-in-law. We offer each other a shitload of gifts while eating fine food cooked by Mom and drinking top notch wine prepared by Dad. In those dozens of gifts, of course a lot are mostly jokes or inexpensive stuff, and every year I make several DIY stuff that are funny and anticipated for.

Two years ago one of my presents was, for each couple, a little pack of "Love Coupons". I liked the cute sissiness of the idea but wanted to make it more funny and less sissy, so I scouted the web for Barbie and Ken pictures to make several cool coupons, such as these ones (in Fwench). Good for… a romantic night, a massage, kinky stuff, shopping with you, etc…, each time trying to more or less match the Barbie pic.

It was funny and girls loved it :) When I showed them to friends, several asked for the file so they could print the same, so here it is, in its full .PSD glory complete with 13 layers of different Barbie pics (and English messages).

Click to download the .psd (5.3 MB)

If you happen to use the PSD template and make some cool Love Coupons, be sure to share some pics :)

Wife and kids decorating our Christmas tree:

This is my first time lapse video. After having taken 150 pictures I decided it would be a good idea to read a few tutorials on how to make time lapse videos, and, well, it would have been slightly better the other way around :) The exposure is a bit short and the lightning should have been tweaked before shooting. I'm learning, and I definitely want to do more of this. I've just snatched an intervalometer on Ebay because, yes, I was sitting near the camera for all that time :)

Earlier today, Dougal tweeted about DRUPLEH, a satirical news site about Drupal. If you haven't caught his tweet, my retweet or any other mention about this, go check it now. It's brilliant, it's fun, it's awesome, it's entertaining. We *need* to have such a thing for WordPress.

We so need, that we must haz: Project WordPreh is ready to get off the ground and now need some voluntrollsteers to really start and make something funny with this!

As I envision it (but it's not like I'm proclaiming myself the leader of the project) , the site would be trolling on fun stuff, would be mocking devs about their goofs, would be bashing other platforms about their misfortunes or successes. It would be run by several peeps with a good knowledge of what's going on and enough sense of humor to be derisive of themselves when deserved. It would be making fun of others but keep on the funny side of thing and avoid being just mean (which does require quite some editorial skills, says Ozh who has been Mighty Chief Redactor of his uni's satirical paper for quite some time). Maybe it might try to spread totally obvious false rumors, too :Þ

It could be like this, just better and funnier and with *real* news too :) (click for bigger)

The DRUPLEH site, which I really like, is a simple Tumblr-like blog with links only. That's a good start, maybe WordPreh could also feature some WTF-code-snippets as I'm sure there are tons out there. Yes, the upcoming post format feature is exactly what we need here.

So far, to take the plunge and evolve from a fun idea to a real website, the project needs:

  • a logo (should be OK)
  • a theme (might be in the works already)
  • a team

What do you think about this whole thing? Sounds fun? Should be different? Do you think you could contribute to this? :)

Edit: WordPreh. Eheh.

Sometimes users of stuff I code are nice enough to send me a donation that fits into a Paypal email notification. And sometimes users are just crazy cool and their donation require the postman in person :)
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This is a short PSA to warn potential buyers: don't buy The Internet is a Playground from David Thorne aka @27bslash6. It's a scam.
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Obligatory geekness and proselytism: "Ask me about WordPress"

WordPress Shirt

I just got it in the mail today so I instantly dropped all current affairs to take the picture :) Love this t-shirt? Get yours now on WordPress Shirts where you can vote for the next design they'll print (my favorite one is Powered by WP by the way). I also dig their fan section when you can submit your mugshot :)

Wear WordPress!