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WordPress Plugin : Admin Drop Down Menu « planetOzh
On: 2006/01/19 Viewed: 434270 times
Shorter URL for this page: http://ozh.in/kl

One of the first things I wanted to improve in the admin area of my WordPress blog, back in the 1.5 days, was the header menu. I wanted to be able to reach any admin page in one click, instead of first clicking on the first level link ("Manage" for example) and then only on a submenu link ("Comments") So came a very neat plugin : the WordPress Admin Drop Down Menu

When WordPress 2.7 and its new and optimized user interface came, I thought there was still room for improvements: a horizontal menu gave the admin area more of a "desktop application" feel, and I think it's superior to a vertical menu. So I updated the WordPress Admin Drop Down Menu.


Get the plugin :

Download the plugin :
Extract and upload to your blog, preserving directory structure.
Note: download counter here and stats on wordpress.org may differ and reflect the number of downloads before this plugin was hosted on the plugin directory

Activate and enjoy. Another friendly install & forget piece of PHP.


  • Customizable color scheme with a neat color picker
  • Normal mode for regular users, compact mode for real estate maniacs, minimal mode for those who never have enough
  • Optional cute icons from FamFamFam
  • Enhanced compatibility with handheld devices
  • Joy and happiness for every day

Javascript is involved for advanced features and to make stuff compatible with MSIE6, but on any decent browser everything works even with Javascript disabled.

Super neat color picking.

Any color you'll love.

Normal or compact display.

Browser compatibility

The plugin has been developed on Firefox 3, Chrome and MSIE7. It should do fine with MSIE6 and Safari too.

There are glitches with Firefox 2 and Camino which both use a deprecated rendering engine. There are also glitches with Opera. I won't fix these, but if anyone wants to submit a CSS patch to resolve one of these issue, you're welcome :)

Developer friendly

The plugin comes with a wickedly cool API that will allow other plugin developers to interact with it, like adding your own custom icon for your plugin. Read the API for Coders page for examples and documentation. Also, all elements the plugin produces get custom CSS classes and id's to allow easy styling or selecting.


The plugin is ready for interglobanalization and there is a .pot template file included so polyglots can even make their own translation and sent the .mo and .po files to me that I'll include in the package.

The plugin comes with the following translations, in no particular order:

And maybe more since I might totally forget to update this list :)

Older Versions

All my plugins are designed to run on the latest WordPress version available. Upgrade WordPress whenever a new version is out, or be sorry when your site gets compromised.

If for some unintelligent reason you need to get an older version of this plugin, it might be available, yet totally unsupported or recommended. Check here: Other versions.

Feedback, Bug report, Feature request

Sure. Feed me back. Like it? Blog about it. Love it? Click on the download link, see the Paypal button appear, and give it some clicks!

If you're reporting bugs, you're welcome, but please provide a screenshot and informations about your browser & your OS. I'm not supporting deprecated blogs or plugins or browsers, and I can't respond to incomplete bug reports.

If you're suggesting a feature, you're welcome too, but I won't add an admin menu on the public side of the blog, on top of pages. If you're looking after having this menu fixed on top of page, check this companion plugin that works as a plugin to this plugin: Admin Menus Fixed.

Shorter URL

Want to share or tweet this page? Please use this short URL: http://ozh.in/kl


This page "WordPress Plugin : Admin Drop Down Menu" was posted on 19/01/2006 at 10:28 am
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  1. 1151
    Navin Bhargava India »
    commented, on 15/Aug/09 at 12:57 pm # :

    amazing! really cool. I am going to try this plugin in now. Thanks

  2. 1152
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    […] 3. Ozh' Admin Drop Down Menu […]

  3. 1153
    Casey United States »
    replied, on 18/Aug/09 at 10:54 am # :

    I think this looks amazing. I love the pics to show what it looks like. Do you know of any plug-ins for drop down menus on my site (not just in admin)? Thanks and look forward to the good work.

  4. 1154
    Mes extensions & plugins Wordpress |... France »
    pingback on 20/Aug/09 at 11:25 am # :

    […] Ozh’ Admin Drop Down Menu Tous les liens dis­po­nibles dans le pan­neau d’admin se retrouvent dans un menu dérou­lant hori­zon­tal (et non plus ver­ti­cal) trés soi­gné. Aller sur le site de l’extension […]

  5. 1155
    Octav Romania »
    commented, on 20/Aug/09 at 5:23 pm # :

    There are 2 bugs I want to mention:
    – the flash content is above the menu
    – with Internet Explorer 8, the menu has weird spaces..

    Any fixes by any chance?


  6. 1156
    Ozh France »
    wrote, on 20/Aug/09 at 7:28 pm # :

    Octav » Not sure I can do something with flash objects. I think I've already scratched my head about this, with no luck. As for IE8 spacing, I'd rather wait for someone to submit a patch for IE than use this browser myself :)

  7. 1157
    johnbillion United Kingdom »
    thought, on 21/Aug/09 at 5:44 am # :

    Hi Ozh,

    There's a bug on the options screen of your indispensable plugin.

    If you uncheck the 'Favorite Actions' checkbox and then save your options, the checkbox gets hidden and you can't re-enable the favorite actions.

    Unless I'm mistaken, the code that hides the checkbox (line 119 of inc/options.php) should be taken out so the checkbox is always visible.

  8. 1158
    Fluency2: Stylische wp-admin-Aufwertung ... Germany »
    pingback on 22/Aug/09 at 1:27 am # :

    […] der Unterseiten, um mal nur ein Beispiel zu nennen. Bislang habe ich für diese Zwecke "Ozh' Admin Drop Down Menu" genutzt. Dies ist ebenfalls ein empfehlenswertes Plugin für den angenehmen Admin-Job, […]

  9. 1159
    Atlas Cerise United States »
    wrote, on 24/Aug/09 at 5:45 pm # :

    Awesome awesome awesome! I loathe the new and "improved" WordPress dashboard with a passion. This makes it so much better, and should be the standard. THANK YOU for this plugin.

  10. 1160
    Octav Romania »
    replied, on 24/Aug/09 at 7:00 pm # :

    Ozh » I think that one solution to the IE8 spacing might be adding the code in adminmenu.css.php:
    #ozhmenu .ozhmenu_sublevel { line-height: 100%; margin: 0; }
    Also, unless the flash objects have wmode set to transparent, the menu goes under it. Too bad.

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  12. 1162
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  15. 1165
    maulana Indonesia »
    wrote, on 31/Aug/09 at 11:07 am # :

    Thanks for great plugin :D

  16. 1166
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    pingback on 01/Sep/09 at 11:34 am # :

    […] To save a lot of clicks and keep the admin menu bar tidy, Ozh' Admin Drop Down Menu is my plugin of choice. Agree, the new menu system in WordPress 2.7 is a good improvement, but […]

  17. 1167
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  21. 1171
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    […] Ozh' Admin Drop Down Menu […]

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  23. 1173
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  24. 1174
    msmarko United States »
    commented, on 09/Sep/09 at 1:15 pm # :

    I really like this plugin, BUT, I had to turn it off because it won't let me load my posts list. Everything else works except the EDIT POSTS link which loads a blank page. The page url is correct but the page is white with nothing and nothing else was effected. I turned off the plugin and it was OK.

  25. 1175
    Ozh France »
    commented, on 09/Sep/09 at 2:08 pm # :

    msmarko » You're the first to report something similar. There's something wrong on your side.

  26. 1176
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    pingback on 11/Sep/09 at 2:32 pm # :

    […] OMaximus am 11. September, 2009, unter WordPress Dank Ozh's Admin Drop Down Menü lassen sich die Schaltflächen im Administrationsmenü von WordPress […]

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    […] PLUGIN HOME PAGE […]

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    […] been using Ozh's Admin Drop Down Menu, a WordPress plugin that arranges the current admin area menus in a horizontal, instead of a […]

  29. 1179
    Caralluma United Kingdom »
    replied, on 14/Sep/09 at 6:11 pm # :

    I'm really loving this css function. It makes wordpress admin look a lot cleaner. And I like that you can choose your own colours.

  30. 1180
    bmbull United States »
    replied, on 14/Sep/09 at 9:18 pm # :

    Been using this plugin for some time, and it's great!

    One small glitch seen on upgrade to WP 2.8.4 from 2.7.1 — if the Admin Drop Down plugin is activated with the 'orginal' WP dashboard sidebar set to "icons only" (by clicking on the gray line below first menu item), the plugin leave a gap on the left-hand side of the admin pages.

    If I deactivate the plugin, put the original sidebar back to its normal, 'wide' mode, and re-activate the plugin, then the admin displays are flush against the left side of the page, as they should be.

    Sounds bizarre, but that's what I found after playing around. I had two sites running the plugin, one was fine and the other had the 'gap', and that original dashboard sidebar setting cleared it up — and the problem was the same displayed in FF 3.5 or IE 8.

    Just FYI,

  31. 1181
    Evan United States »
    thought, on 15/Sep/09 at 7:55 am # :

    I have the exact same issue as msmarko. Edit Posts loads a blank page. When I disable the plugin it works as expected.


  32. 1182
    Ozh France »
    commented, on 15/Sep/09 at 8:11 am # :

    Evan » Definitely can't reproduce, and the plugin is so popular that if such a problem was generic it would have been reported a thousand times. There must be a plugin conflict. Try disabling other plugins one by one to identify which one.

  33. 1183
    Evan United States »
    thought, on 15/Sep/09 at 8:47 am # :


    Thanks for the super fast response. I upgraded a handful of plugins recently so I went back and started with those.

    When I disable "Organize Series" plugin the problem goes away.


  34. 1184
    Wordpress.ua Ukraine »
    commented, on 15/Sep/09 at 10:43 am # :

    Hello. I did the Ukrainian version of the plugin. Download here ??????? WordPress

  35. 1185
    ??????????? « fuck United States »
    pingback on 15/Sep/09 at 12:27 pm # :

    […] ?????http://planetozh.com/blog/my-projects/wordpress-admin-menu-drop-down-css/ […]

  36. 1186
    Ozh France »
    thought, on 15/Sep/09 at 7:50 pm # :

    Evan » Indeed something's wrong between this plugin & mine. A quick scan of its code didn't highlight anything obvious… Sorry, I don't have time to dig deeper, maybe you should warn the author about this.

  37. 1187
    Evan United States »
    wrote, on 15/Sep/09 at 9:46 pm # :


    I posted a comment on the Organize Series developer's site regarding the conflict. Hopefully with that and the comments here a few people will be saved from having to grind through all of their plugins. Thanks again for the nifty plugin and responsiveness.

  38. 1188
    Daniel Thailand »
    said, on 17/Sep/09 at 7:25 am # :


    Congratulations for this plugin. It's 99% perfect, the only thing I would suggest you, would have the option to show in the drop menu page section, all the page created. This would make life easier for people (like me) that has a lot of pages and use WP as a CMS.


  39. 1189
    Ozh France »
    replied, on 17/Sep/09 at 7:54 am # :

    Daniel » I don't see the point of linking to pages within the admin area. Plus, I admit I want to torture someone everytime I hear "I use WP as a CMS".

  40. 1190
    Yakupcan Turkey »
    replied, on 19/Sep/09 at 12:48 am # :

    Hello. The new version 3.3.3 which you have found that a plug and errors. New writing and Edit tabs does not work. Please resolve this error, you.

  41. 1191
    Ozh France »
    said, on 19/Sep/09 at 10:43 am # :

    Yakupcan » Another plugin you're using is messing things up. Find which one.

  42. 1192
    Daniel Netherlands »
    thought, on 20/Sep/09 at 3:05 pm # :

    I use your plugin in all blogs of my small community (about 25 blogs). I love it – thanks.

    Two questions:

    1. There is a lot of updates going on all the time, and I get confused about what's being changed – are they maintenance updates (bug squashing), or there are new features, or what?

    2. "Brasilian" is not really a language :) We call it Portuguese, and if you really want, Brazilian Portuguese (Português brasileiro).

    That's it. Thanks a lot again, and congratulations.

  43. 1193
    Ozh France »
    said, on 20/Sep/09 at 5:44 pm # :

    Daniel » There's a changelog in the readme (that's a link, really) and into the plugin source itself. Thanks for the correction about the language name, I've fixed it :)

  44. 1194
    Daniel Netherlands »
    wrote, on 20/Sep/09 at 6:04 pm # :

    Oh, ok! Great! That's what I was looking for (the changelog :) Sorry I missed, a thanks for point me out.

    Congratulations again on your excellent plugin!

  45. 1195
    Robert Nelson United States »
    replied, on 22/Sep/09 at 9:38 pm # :

    Instead of upgrading, I am sent to my home page after I click upgrade automatically in my WP admin for your plug-in.
    Trying to do it by manually uploading the latest version says folder already exists and installation fails.

  46. 1196
    VVOR Netherlands »
    commented, on 25/Sep/09 at 2:19 pm # :

    Great plugin!

  47. 1197
    svacant Italy »
    commented, on 02/Oct/09 at 12:08 pm # :

    Hi have a problem with plugin, i use the last version of wp, but the vertical menu remain and the horizontal menu appear without style and images…

    Thank you for your plugin is very nice (before of upgrade wp).

  48. 1198
    Max Germany »
    replied, on 03/Oct/09 at 2:33 pm # :


    After upgrading Drop Down Menu to 3.3.4 it wipes the edit-post page blank. We are using wordpress 2.8.4 (no core tweaks or special server config) and Firefox 3.5.3 on OS X 10.6.1

    After deacticating the plugin, everything works fine again. Any suggestions?

    Help is very much apprecieated!


  49. 1199
    Ozh France »
    wrote, on 03/Oct/09 at 3:12 pm # :

    Max » Conflicting plugin that does something on the edit-post page. Find it and tell the author to fix it.

  50. 1200
    Max Germany »
    thought, on 03/Oct/09 at 3:51 pm # :

    Hey Ozh!

    You were right. There is a conflict with "Organize Series" plugin. I will contact Darren, the developer of og.

    Thanks dude!

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