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Here I'm listing, for my own reference, what Firefox addons I should reinstall when getting a new computer or when restoring an old one.

  • Firebug, Firecookie, Firepicker
  • Colorzilla
  • Adblock
  • Echofon NotEchofon
  • Download Statusbar
  • Define and SearchIMDB (by Sogame)
  • GMail Notifier
  • GMelius ?
  • Gmail Old Compose
  • Old Location Bar Oldbar by sspitzer
  • Restartless Restart
  • Tab Control by Anthony Lieuallen
  • Tineye Reverse Image Search
  • Uppity
  • ImgUR extension
  • Status-4-Evar
  • Dictionary
  • Toggle Animated GIFs
  • Password Exporter

Firefox about:config tweaks :

  • browser.urlbar.trimURLs to false
  • security.dialog_enable_delay to 0
  • browser.tabs.closeWindowWithLastTab to 0

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